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Interact with new representations of library collections and other unique materials.

Access a variety of original and reprinted content available in digital and print-on-demand formats.

Hosting platforms for faculty and student-led journals across the disciplinary spectrum.

Offering instruction and consultation to faculty and students to help create journals, books, and digital projects.

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Bernice Forest Diary, 1916-1917

This project presents text and images from the diary of Marion Bernice Forest, who attended Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) from 1914 - 1918.

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Corvallis Soundscape is designed to provide a historic and geographic roadmap of musical groups and venues throughout Corvallis, OR.

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Untold Stories Guide

Untold Stories: Histories of Students of Color at Oregon State University Campus Tour Guidebook documents the impact and contributions that students of color have had on campus. Researched and written by OSU students.

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Photographic History of Oregon State University

小清新手绘飞机工作计划总结商务报告PPT模板_免费下载 ...:2021-5-22 · 这是一套经过精心筛选关于“小清新手绘飞机工作计划总结商务报告PPT模板”主题可免费下载的精品PPT模板,本模板属于:工作汇报分类,模板设计精心、创意、高端,适用于【商务PPT模板】【艺术设计PPT】【蓝色PPT模板】相关主题PPT制作的模板,点击右侧“免费下载”按钮或者下侧“下载链 … showcases selected photographs of OSU’s nearly 150 years as a land grant institution. This digital site supplements the over 500 images in A School for the People: A Photographic History of Oregon State University (OSU Press, 2015).

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Bernard Malamud

A collection of student-created digital humanties projects dedicated to the life and writings of Bernard Malamud.

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Embracing a Western Identity + The Jewish Oregon Story

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Reading the Pacific Northwest

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迎新小套房免费漫画阅读 - 好看123:2021-6-14 · 迎新小套房免费漫画阅读,迎新小套房免费漫画86,迎新小套房76话免费,韩漫美丽新世界免费阅读,迎新小套房78,迎新小套房63,秘密教学16,秘密教学漫画免费阅读全文,美丽新世界漫画韩国,韩国漫画弱点免费观看百度云

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NEH Humanities Open Book Grant

Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities Open Book Program, Oregon State University Libraries and CALYX Press are partnering to digitize important literary works from the second and third waves of the feminist movement.

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Forest Phytopthoras

Forest Phytopthoras

完全免费!保定良心博物馆,零距离接触真飞机大炮_手机网易网:2021-6-13 · 零距离接触飞机大炮,是很多小伙伴儿时的梦想,更是现在小朋友伊的最爱。在河北省保定市就有这样一个地方,可伍亲自触摸到真正的飞机大炮,而且完全免费无门票,这就是保定市满城区八大岭航空教育基地博物馆。

Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry

The Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry

The Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry is an online, peer-reviewed publication for inquiry (i.e., assessment, evaluation, and research) in student affairs. This journal provides a scholarly space for addressing practice and theory in student affairs inquiry by highlighting both the universal (e.g., foundations of student affairs assessment) and the local (e.g., single-institution assessment projects).


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  • Conference Proceedings

    We preserve conference proceedings in our institutional repository. For inquiries, contact Michael Boock AirAsia 最新手提行李规则!只可携带小包上飞机!免费提供 ...:亚航(AirAsia)最新随身行李(Hand Carry)保持距离细则! 乘客只允许携带可存放在前方座位下方空间大小的小包上机,超过这个尺寸的任何随身行李禁止携带上机。 相对的,亚航也将为乘客提供免费托运服务。若随身行李重量小于7公斤,亚航将免费为您办理托运手续,只需前往柜台办理即可;若 ...

  • Consultation for Your Own Project or Ideas

    If you’re interested in pursuing your own project with us, or have questions about digital publishing at OSU, we offer consultation services. Contact: Korey Jackson (Korey.Jackson@oregonstate.edu)

  • Course Integrated Instruction

    Contact us to discuss how to successfully integrate digital publishing assignments and projects into your course. We also provide instructional materials and hands-on instruction. Contact: Jane Nichols 飞机管理人小游戏免费版下载-飞机管理人游戏最新版:2 天前 · 飞机管理人游戏是一款放置合并的休闲益智类游戏,通过滑动屏幕组合同类飞机,并升级成全新的造型,加入机场中挂机赚钱,轻松的玩法和各式各样有趣的机种满足您的收集欲。

  • Identifiers

    We provide support for assigning and managing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and other identifiers (ARK, Handle, ISSN) for publications, research data, and other digital objects. Contact: Michael Boock (Michael.Boock@oregonstate.edu)

  • Journal Startup or Conversion

    Interested in starting a new journal or converting a current journal to a new open access platform? We can help! Contact: Michaela Willi Hooper (Michaela.WilliHooper@oregonstate.edu)

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